Those who are lucky enough to live within easy reach of The Old Haberdashery in Ticehurst will understand why the thought of its owner, Sonia Boriczewski, ‘hoarding finds for Eridge’ can set the pulse racing. The shop is always a cheering delight, and I am unable to leave it without acquiring more silks and threads, or vintage books, bottles, buttons and ribbons. A trained and well-travelled textile artist, Sonia has a fabulous eye for colour and texture, and half an hour in the shop can leave you reeling from the beauty of her intricate displays. She always has a good stock of vintage Sylko threads, which I have been using for machine embroidery (yes, they do break, but the colours are so lovely it is worth it) and also for some hand embroidery, especially for ‘slow stitching’ and kantha work.

Hoarding for Eridge! Hold that thought….and buy a ticket so you can walk in as soon as we open.