If you have decided to confine your tableware to the colour white, the Decorative Living Fair offers many opportunities to stock up on practical additions to your cupboards. There is something unfailingly satisfying about the way the light falls on the glaze of white china. Even the humblest little pot or kitchen storage jar glows, like well worn pearls.

The curved shapes of tureens and bowls are particularly appealing. Even lidless tureens can be useful: consider using them as serving dishes for vegetables or salads at parties, or plant bulbs in them or fill them with potted herbs on the kitchen windowsill. Particularly charming are the small paste and potion pots used by chemists for various preparations. If you need an excuse not to resist yet another little pot, you might take inspiration from Edmund de Waal, who creates intriguing and fabulously expensive installations featuring hundreds of his exquisite hand thrown pots.