Normally, co-founders Hetty Purbrick and Caroline Zoob would be up at beautiful Eridge Park, watching as exhibitors create their magical stands, overflowing with lilac and cow parsley and gorgeous antiques. Everyone would be chatting and enjoying the stupendous views, and there would be the usual air of excitement in the build up to our annual fair.

For the reasons we are all familiar with, we cannot do that this year, but our INSTA fair is on tomorrow 10-5 and we have such a great line up of exhibitors all ready to start posting images of their stock on their INSTAGRAM pages.

All you have to do is visit our Instagram page @decorativelivingfair tomorrow at 10 am and we will introduce each exhibitor one by one, directing you to their page where they will have created beautiful displays of their wares for sale.

IF YOU CANNOT WAIT then browse our Exhibitors’ Gallery HERE. Before 10am tomorrow, you can see who is exhibiting and once the fair opens, you can also use the Exhibitors’ Gallery to navigate the fair.

Have a lovely day!

Caroline @carolinezoobdesign & Hetty @hetty_purbrick